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A shrine to the ape 3-wheeler.
Ape was born in 1948 as an evolution of the Vespa scooter. Even if very popular, it's difficult finding any kind of material related such as tech data, info, history, pictures and so on.

ApeVintage wants to collect pictures, data and whatever is Ape-related. ApeVintage is looking for Ape-owners for creating a Club with a large survey, a resource for Help, info, spare parts, meetings, and so on.

Who are you? Do you have an APE? Year? Model? ApeVintage visitor, we are you from? Why are you here? We just want to know who you are. We need your help. Please send us an email, or leave a message in the forum BBS, or join the APE online Registry, or sign our guestbook!
If you are interested, or you have any kind of material about Ape, please help apevintage grow-up.

Ape Models An Apevintage.com Visitor sent us these pictures of some of his handcrafted products. Palm-sized Ape!! click Ape Bus! Let us introduce you a unique model, a prototype built during 50's over a naked frame of a 125cc 1st series model! click
Historical Ape Registry In order to have a list of Ape in the world, we have now a survey in which you can register ON-LINE your 3-wheeler for free NOW.
If you have an Ape 3-wheeler, please join the ApeVintage Registry, a list of Ape owner online 24/7, an useful resource for help, spares, info and so on.

If your Ape is a real "Vintage" 1048-1970 model, it will also join the exclusive Historical Ape Registry
Forum & Guestbook As any respectable website do, here we have a BBS Forum for any advice, help, classifieds, spares and so on.

Please, sign our GuestBook

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